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Laying foundations for your log cabin

Before ordering a garden shed/ log cabin every customer is interested what type of foundation you need and how to prepare it.
The foundation is the basis on which we will install the log cabin, summerhouse or garage. Foundation must be prepared properly so there will be no problems with construction in the future. Note, if foundation is prepared incorrectly, it is possible that in the future there will be problems with the disparity in the walls or holes between the planks, doors might not be closing properly, etc. 
Note that the preparation of the foundation using conventional technology can cost really expensive so often customers seek other solutions to save some money.
Here are some options of foundations according to the construction area and ground:
1. Economic:
If the garden shed is not big, not isolated and you have not provided the heavy roofing, enough to prepare the flat foundations using large asphalt blocks.
Enough to remove the layer of fertile soil (normally it is 20-30cm) and lay the pavers. It can cover the entire surface or  each 40-60cm (it depends on the size of your cabin and position of foundation bearers).
Use gravel or sand to smooth the surface.
If you compact the sand before the laying of the paving stones, the probability of subsidence of the ground decrease.
We recommend choosing this option when you are sure that the ground is solid.
2. Pile foundations:
The pile foundation is the ideal option if you are not sure about the ground or future constructions. The stilts can be 20-30cm, 1,5-5m of length and they may be performed each 50-70cm.
In this case you must use the most solid foundation joists (about 50x150). The battens must be fixed by the L-shaped profiles
By asking the floor construction on pile foundation, think of insulation (eg subfloors between the piles on which we can put the waterproof film and the insulation).
By planning positions of piles, bear in mind location of interior partitions, if there are any.
3. Classic Foundation
For larger homes (more than 70m²) we recommend to prepare the classical foundation, laying concrete base, using the rostverc and leveling layer.


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