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What building is suitable for what purpose ?
  • We offer various sizes of garden sheds and summer houses. The garden sheds will make perfect storage space for your garden tools or equipment for your pool. The log cabins can serve as an extension to your home, playroom for your children, or office so you can work at home, without being in your home. 
What are the different thicknesses of wall logs you offer ?
  • The thickness of the wall logs are as follows : 28mm, 34mm, 44mm, 68mm, double wall construction and construction with internal or external insulation. The more time you think spent inside your log cabin, the more we advise you to increase the thickness of the walls of your building, or to supplement with our insulation kits.
 Can I design my own building? Can I change an existing model ?
  • Absolutely ! If you cannot find the style or size for you from our existing product line, we can adapt our production to your desires and needs. If you already have a clear idea, you can send us your plans for us to advise suitability. All models of buildings and wooden chalets are adaptable: you can choose the thickness of the planks, the location of doors, windows and even walls.
What is the quality of the products you offer?
  • A quality product priced competitively is what we strive for – so far, our customer feedback would suggest we're getting it right !
What is the wood used to make your garden buildings?
  • We use pine or spruce from the forests of Northern and Central Europe sustainably managed in accordance with the slow growth of trees. Only the wood of the highest quality is selected. Once cut, the wood is dried in special buildings to 14% to 16% humidity.
  • We do not use laminated wood planks in the walls, only solid wood. We can offer hardwood floor and roof boards. On windows and doors  laminated construction is necessary to strengthen and avoid warping. We do not use OSB for our wooden sheds. 
Is it normal that some wall logs are not perfectly straight?
  • Wood is a natural product which varies depending on weather conditions (temperature, humidity, vapor in the air) and in terms of its exposure to these elements. It is likely to swell slightly during the winter months and contract during dry periods. Small cracks a few millimetres can also form. These dimensional changes are normal and predictable and does not affect the strength, stability and functionality of the product.
  • Before installation, we recommend that you keep your building kit in a location inaccessible to sunlight and rain. We recommend  the building is installed as quickly as possible after delivery (ideally within 48 hours of receipt).
 How long are your buildings guaranteed?
  • All our log cabins in the woods are guaranteed for 10 years. However, it must take care of every year, including the use of special treatments and paint. If you give them the care they need, our products will delight you for much longer (see the question "How well keep my wooden shed?").
 How are your cabins insulated?
  • The more time you expect to spend in your cabin the better levels of insulation are recommended. In the first instance, go for a thicker wall log, then consider additional insulation. The logs insulate against cold and heat, but you can add an external or internal insulation. We can also make your building double walls, leaving a space between them to place insulation. The roof can also be strengthened to further improve the insulation.
  • Note that the wood needs to breathe, so we recommend you choose STEICO insulation, excellent quality and suitable for wood construction.
  • For more information, and to discuss all of the insulation options that suit you, do not hesitate to contact us. 
Is it possible to choose the colour of the felt shingles for the roof?
  • Absolutely, we offer three standard colours: green, red and grey. By special request, we can provide other colours such as black, brown etc. ... But it may require additional time (4 or 6 weeks). In addition, two tile designs are available: hexagonal (Hexham type) or brick (Bourne-type). However, like the colours, other shapes may be available on request. The choice is yours! 
Do I need planning permission for my cabin ?
  • In most cases, planning permission will not be required. It would be prudent, however, to check with your local planning office before you undertake to purchase
What base preparation is required ?
  • It is necessary to prepare a flat base on which to construct your cabin, the ideal being a slab of concrete. Other options are possible, you need to ensure any base you construct is firm, level and stable
Is it easy to self install ?
  • Yes: With a basic knowledge of DIY most people will be able to build our log cabins. Of course, for your  first time, it may take a little longer. Simply follow the instructions: Each board has a visible number on a label, and their assembly is explained step by step   
Do you offer a fitting service near me?
  • We have fitting teams throughout the UK and cover most areas, please call for a competitive quote 
Which components are pre- treated?
  • Only the floor bearers that the cabin sits on come pre-treated
Can I paint my garden building?
  • Yes, it is strongly recommended to protect the wood from your building against the sun's ultraviolet rays. 
 What is included in the price advertised on the site?
  • The price includes the main components of your wooden building: the walls, the boards for the roof, doors and windows, VAT and the cost of delivery to most parts of mainland UK.
 Is a deposit required for the purchase of my log cabin?
  • For our standard models (composed of a single interior buildings), no deposit required. The payment must be made before we load the delivery truck leaving our factory. For customised or modified models a deposit of 50% of the total amount is required before the start of production. 
Door and window specification
  • All glazing is glass. On 28mm, 34mm logged cabins the glazing is single as standard. On 44mm and 68mm the glazing is double as standard. Opening doors and windows are furnished with rubber seals to further improve insulation
What is the average lead  time for a cabin in stock? And for a building to be made?
  • On average, if a wooden building already in stock, will be delivered between 2 and 3 weeks from the point of order. Special orders can take between 3 and 5 weeks in most cases


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