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About us

We are a UK company, founded in 2001, now with over 10 years experience in the production and sale of garden sheds, wooden chalets and holiday homes. 

We're here to help you every step of your order: from initial decision making on the size, style and type of building, to delivery and final assembly. Our goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction. 

As a leading log cabin manufacturer, based in Lithuania, our network of sales extends throughout Europe. Thanks to state of the art manufacturing technology we guarantee excellent quality production throughout the product range.

Quality control takes place at every stage from production to shipping. Each board is verified to ensure accuracy of milling to make for easy  construction. All windows and doors are also checked before leaving the factory to ensure their proper functionality. Finally, the wood we use at our factory in Lithuania is either traditional white pine or spruce, further testimony to the quality of product. 

Each garden shed is designed for easy installation: only tools that are easy to use and available in all hardware stores will be required. In addition to being easy, construction is fast, and the end result will delight you. 

Buying a wooden shed for your garden can be an ideal way to add space to your home. Garden Adventure offers a wide range of wooden chalets of different sizes, suitable for your needs.

In our hurried society, which does not take time for yourself, why not choose to invest in a spa or hot tub installed in your garden, located in a beautiful wooden shed? You can also choose to escape the hustle and bustle of a  daily routine making our wooden chalets an ideal garden office. Work at home without being in your home !  Achieve a perfect balance between your time spent with family and time dedicated to your work. The larger models are perfect playrooms for children and adults alike..

We offer a wide range of products: from a basic garden shed right through to multi roomed chalets

By visiting our site you will discover the natural beauty and quality of our garden buildings and cabins. If you need information or if you wish to receive our catalogue, please contact us directly.


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